SP1 Wifi Smart Plug


The best smart plug for your business has numerous applications.


SP1 Wifi Smart Plug:

UbiBot’s wifi smart plug is available in Wifi only and Wifi and SIM versions. This IoT cloud-supported smart plug enables full control of connected appliances according to the environmental conditions.

The wifi smart plug allows for physical control (via on-board button), user-operated remote control (via App on a phone, tablet or computer), and fully automatic scheduling.

The UbiBot Smart Plug can connect ordinary appliances to the IoT with UbiBot’s platform. Monitor the status and set the timing and linkage of other connected devices  on the platform to achieve this intelligence.

UbiBot IoT Platform, App and Alerts:

Connect a variety of external probes to the smart plug and monitor the environmental conditions and synchronize real-time data to the UbiBot cloud platform using WiFi or mobile GPRS/3G/4G connection. This allows users access to both real-time and past data through the UbiBot App or Web Console platform from anywhere in the world.

With the automation rules you set, the smart plug can power appliances on and off when target environmental conditions are met. For example, it can turn on afan when the temperature is higher than 26°C. It can also trigger alerts when any metrics go out of the preset range. You will be notified of any actions by free email alerts, app notifications, SMS, voice call, and HTTP.

Wifi Smart Plug Features:

  • WiFi-enabled wireless remote control and fully automatic control
  • New international safety standards – child protection design; 750℃ high temperature flame resistant material
  • Scheduling, timer, countdown, and linkage control to automatically power on/off connected appliances
  • External probes and sensors are supported to realize real-time environmental monitoring and automatic power on/off according to the environmental conditions
  • Voltage, Current, Power, Cumulative Electricity Consumption monitoring
  • 2 types of network connection: 2.4 GHz WiFi and mobile GPRS/3G/4G, no hubs or gateways required
  • Working with IFTTT, Alexa, Google Assistant, Google Sheet
  • Free App & Web Console to access and monitor real-time data remotely, no subscription fee
  • Unlimited UbiBot cloud storage for historical data; free historical data export
  • Multiple ways of receiving real-time alerts: App notifications, emails, phone calls, SMS, HTTP
  • Easy setup with free UbiBot App or PC tools
  • With a capacity of 300,000 records, the memory stores all data even if WiFi is temporarily disconnected, ensuring there are no gaps in the data history
  • Compliance with CE, FCC, FDA CFR21, IC, RoHS

Wifi Smart Plug Specifications:

  • Working Voltage; 100 V – 250 V AC
  • Maximum Current; 10 A
  • Maximum Power; 2.5kW MAX (@220V±10%)/ 1.3kW MAX (@110V±10%)
  • Power dissipation; ≤0.1 W
  • Measuring Accuracy; ±0.01 A, ±0.1 V, ±0.1 W
  • Working Environment; -10 °C to 60 °C ( 14 °F to 140 °F)
  • WiFi Compatibility: 2.4GHz or 2.4/ 5GHz, channels 1-13 (5GHz WiFi not supported)
  • Mobile Network compatibility:
    • LTE-FDD: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B12/B13/B18/B19/B20/B25/B26/B28/B66
    • LTE-TDD: B34/B38/B39/B40/B41
    • WCDMA: B1/B2/B4/B5/B6/B8/B19
    • GSM: 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz


  • Fish tank lights and heater
  • Greenhouse CO2 ventilation
  • Greenhouse Humidity
  • Plant irrigation (pair with a soil moisture sensor)
  • Warehouse HVAC

Wifi Smart Plug Compatible Accessories, Sensors and Probes:

With an audio splitter, multiple probes and sensors can be connected to the wifi smart plug. Only one of each type of sensor or probe can be connected. All sensors and probes must have an audio connection.

UbiBot IoT Platform, App and Alerts:

Your UbiBot wireless data logger and wifi smart plug automatically synchronizes data with a WiFi, SIM or Ethernet network connection (model dependant) to the UbiBot IoT Platform. You have remote access to your data via UbiBot App or Web Console platform on a PC anywhere in the world and allow you to receive alerts via voice, email, SMS and the App, and monitor the environment in real time.

The UbiBot IoT Platform is compatible with IFTTT, Alexa, Google Assistant, Google Sheets.

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