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Smart Smoke Detector


The best smart smoke alarm for your GS1 temperature data logger or LD1 water detection sensor.

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Smart Smoke Detector Description

UbiBot’s smart smoke alarm detector is highly sensitive to smoke and is ideal to use as a commercial smoke detector. This smart smoke alarm also has on-board temeprature and humidity sensors and sends alerts instantly to a GS1 smart wireless data logger which sends alerts to the UbiBot IoT App and then to your phone.

This WiFi smoke detector has a wide coverage area and is easy to install. Protect your home or business with a UbiBot WiFi smoke alarm.

Connect other air-quality sensors with your WiFi smoke alarm for all-around protection and monitoring including:

Do you need a comprehensive air quality monitor? Consider UbiBot’s indoor air quality sensor. This stand-alone device measures temperature, humidity, air pressure, CO2, TVOC, PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10 and eCO2 simultaneously, and is available in WiFi only and WiFi/ SIM models.

Soil Temperature and Moisture Probe Applications:

  • Data centers
  • Server Rooms
  • Apiaries
  • Mechanical rooms
  • Warehouses
  • Cold Storage
  • Ay place where a commercial smoke detector is needed

Al-RS485 Converter Specifications:

  • Onboard sensors:
    • Smoke
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
  • Compatible devices:
  • Dimension: 101mm (diameter)*34mm (height)
  • Communication protocol: RS485
  • Sensitivity: 0.5dB/m (±0.1dB/m)
  • Operating voltage: DC 9-36V
  • Operating current: ≤20mA
  • Power supply: USB
  • Alarm sound: ≥85dB/3m

UbiBot IoT Platform, App and Alerts:

Your UbiBot wireless data logger automatically synchronizes data with a WiFi, SIM or Ethernet network connection (model dependant) to the UbiBot IoT Platform. You have remote access to your data via UbiBot App or Web Console platform on a PC anywhere in the world and allowing you to receive alerts via voice, email, SMS and the App, and monitor the environment in real time.

The UbiBot IoT Platform is compatible with IFTTT, Alexa, Google Assistant, Google Sheets.