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Our Wireless Data Loggers & Smart Sensors

ubibot wifi data logger wireless smart sensor is compact and perfect for many applications; data loggers & smart sensors

UbiBot WS1-A

The WS1-A are Bluetooth and Wifi data loggers & smart sensors that continuously monitors temperature and humidity. With the WS1 wifi data logger you monitor the environmental conditions in your house, office, warehouse or factory.

The Ws1-Pro wifi and cellular wireless smart sensors have a large LCD screen to show temperature and humidity levels; data loggers & smart sensors; Prevent frozen water pipes

UbiBot WS1-Pro Series

The WS1-Pro wireless smart data logger have a large 4 inch screen and on-board temperature and humidity sensors. The WS1-Pro is available in wifi and SIM models and is compatible with many external probes and sensors to expand the versatility of this great IoT data logger

GS1 Wifi, SIM, Cellular wireless data logger is a great solution to monitor temperature, humidity, and wind speed. The GS1 environmental data logger can be used in weather stations, greenhouses, cold storage, refrigerated transportation, server rooms and other applications; data loggers & smart sensors

UbiBot GS1 Series

The GS1 industrial grade environmental data logger is WiFi, SIM or ethernet compatible. Powered by an internal lithium battery, USB or 12V DC power supply. Connect up to five external probes to this wireless data logger and accurately monitor conditions in your warehouse, greenhouse, farm, warehouse or server room.

UbiBot Wireless* Data Loggers & Smart Sensors Connect to your Network in Many Ways

UbiBot offers a revolutionary way to monitor environmental conditions from anywhere in the world. The wireless data loggers & smart sensors synchronize with our UbiBot IoT platform via WiFi, LAN or cellular without the need for a separate expensive hub. The data is available to you from anywhere in the world via an Internet browser. You always have an overview and can react quickly.
ubibot sensors; data loggers & smart sensors

Monitoring – warehouse, transport, logistics

UbiBot offers you wireless real-time monitoring of the environmental conditions in your warehouse. Monitor conditions remotely or outside of business hours and make sure everything is fine.

Monitoring – wine cellar

Wine needs precisely defined storage conditions for its maturity. Use UbiBot wireless data loggers & smart sensors to remotely measure the temperature and humidity in the wine cellar and store the data for a long time.

Pharmaceutical surveillance - pharmacies

Many drugs have critical temperature control requirements. Easily monitor the temperature of your medication store online with UbiBot data loggers & smart sensors. With the Ubibot app you have the storage conditions at hand at all times and you will be informed immediately if something is wrong.
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24/7 Monitoring

Share your devices with colleagues, friends or family. Let others help monitor what’s happening.

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Real-time Observations

Share your devices with colleagues, friends or family. Let others help monitor what’s happening.

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Shared Alerts

When sharing your device with another person you can also choose to add them to any alerts you have set up. Ideal for on-call team members.

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Manage Data in One Place

The UbiBot® App gives you a single place to manage data sharing and gives you a view of who previously had access to the data.

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