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Diagonal view of a WS1-a wifi temperature data logger showing the front and USB ports on the side

The smart one

All-in-one IoT wifi temperature data logger for environmental data

IFTTT Compatible

WS1-A Wifi Temperature Data loggers for temperature, humidity and light

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Multiple sensors

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Low Power Consumption

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Multiple Free Alerts

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200 MB Free Storage

A Revolutionary Cloud-Based Solution

The UbiBot® WS1 Wifi temperature data logger can connect to the network via WLAN. It automatically synchronizes its data with the UbiBot® IoT platform. This gives you secure access to your monitoring data from anywhere in the world via the website or the Ubibot® app.

The left side of the image depicts temperature and humidity reading being sent to ws1-a wifi temperature data logger measuring. The center depicts the cloud-based app which collects and stores all of the data. The right side depicts the data being sent from the app to the customers smart phone or computer.
A ws1-A wifi temperature data logger is connected to a laptop computer. This can be done to set-up the device in the PC tool app

Even if the network fails, the WS1 Wifi Temperature Data Logger won’t let you down

The UbiBot® WS1 wifi temperature data logger has a large integrated memory and collects and stores data even if the connection to the WLAN fails. In the event that the connection is interrupted, you will receive a notification from the Ubibot® cloud server.

WS1-A Wifi Temperature Data Logger

Stylish Design and Impressive Features

Our mission is to revolutionize your environmental data collection. WS1 is a very precise WiFi sensor and provides you with real-time alerts.

WS1-A wifi temperature data logger shown with its user friendly design

WS1-A Wifi Temperature Data Logger Specifications

*The quoted battery life was tested using VARTA industrial batteries under stable signal conditions with default synchronisation and sampling settings.

Compare UbiBot Smart Sensor Devices

UbiBot has three versions of the intelligent data logger for temperature and humidity monitoring, plus another model for hydroponics. 

Each device type is characterized by specific functions that are specially tailored to the different requirements of the user.

UbiBot® Network Built-in Sensors Battery life① Screen Audio Notification External sensors


Wifi, Bluetooth Temperature, humidity, ambient light, vibration 2 x AA batteries last up to 4-6 months No (status LED) Beeps DS18B20 temperature probe

WS1 Pro Series

IoT Data Logger

WiFi, cellular * Temperature, humidity, ambient light (further sensors via external ports) 4 x AA batteries 8-12 months (only WLAN) 3-6 weeks (via cellular network) 4.4 "LCD (104 mm x 50 mm) Voice guidance DS18B20 temperature probe

PT100 industrial grade probe

TH30S-B temperature and humidity probe

Soil temperature and humidity

Wind speed sensor

And many more

GS1 Series

Wifi, cellular, RJ45 LAN* Temperature, humidity, ambient light * 2900 mAh lithium battery 4-6 months (WLAN only) 3-6 weeks (via cellular network) 3-5 days (LAN version) 4.4 "LCD with backlight (77mm x 67.5mm) Voice guidance DS18B20 temperature sensor

PT100 industrial grade probe

TH30S-B temperature and humidity probe

Soil probes (many models)

Wind speed sensor

CO2 sensor

And many more

GS2 Series

Wifi, cellular* Ambient light * 2900 mAh lithium battery 4-6 months (only WLAN) 3-6 weeks (via cellular network) 4.4 "LCD with backlight (77mm x 67.5mm) Voice guidance DS18B20 temperature probe

EC and PH probes

* Depending on the model purchased. ① The specified battery life has been tested with VARTA industrial batteries under stable signal conditions with standard settings for synchronization and scanning.

Probe Connection Diagram for
Wifi Temperature Data Logger

The WS1 wifi temperature data logger supports an external DS18B20 temperature sensor via the micro USB connection. To power it with a USB cable at the same time, use a USB splitter (optional).

A WS1-A wifi temperature logger with a micro USB splitter connected to a DS18B20 temperature probe and USB power.

Unlimited Applications

WS1-A Wifi Temperature Data Logger

With its wireless monitoring capabilities and online access to data, our WS1-A wifi temperature data logger is used in a wide range of industries, including intelligent farming, warehouse management, pharmaceutical storage and server room monitoring. The device is configured in just 3 minutes and you can sit back and relax.

Monitoring in Museums

Historic silk textiles are extremely precious and need to be carefully preserved. The slightest change in temperature or humidity could damage them. Museum curators can use the WS1 to monitor the environment remotely and will receive an alert if conditions ever change.

Two people walk in an art gallery with many modern painting on the walls
Barrels of wine or spirits are stacked in a warehouse; data loggers & smart sensors

Storage Conditions in the Wine Cellar

Wine is best kept at 50-70% relative humidity and needs a consistent cool temperature. By installing UbiBot® WS1 sensors in your wine cellar you are assured that you will be notified of any deviation from the ideal conditions.

Real-Time Monitoring in Archives and Collections

The UbiBot® WS1 gives museum curators and gallery owners the certainty that their precious exhibits always have ideal environmental conditions. Real-time display of environmental conditions and configurable warning messages inform when the conditions exceed the safe limits.

Many types of painting hang on a white-tiled wall
A thermometer lays over many types of pharmaceutical tablets

Suitable for Sensitive Pharmaceutical Storage

Environmental conditions are critical when storing medications. UbiBot  gives you round the clock monitoring of storage conditions to ensure quality and safety.

Reliable Server Room Monitoring

Servers are sensitive to extreme heat and moisture. To help protect them, businesses can combine our wireless surveillance solution with custom alerts that alert you when things get critical.

Racks of servers in a computer room with a chair
A person tends to plants in a green house

Temperature Monitoring in Agriculture

Real-time monitoring is vital in intelligent agriculture and horticulture. Because the WS1 offers automatic syncing of data, you can monitor conditions remotely through our App or via the UbiBot® IoT Platform.