WS1-A Temperature Data Logger Accessories

Select the Temperature Data Logger Accessories Below for Your Application

micro usb splitter is one of many Temperature data logger accessories

USB Cable Splitter

The USB splitter cable enables the simultaneous power supply of a data logger and the connection of temperature data logger accessories

Water Resistant Case for Outdoor Use

Protect your temperature data logger in damp environments – perfect for greenhouses

Water resistant case is one of many temperature data logger accessories for the WS1-A and WS1-Pro wireless data loggers for use in greenhouses
DS18B20 Temperature probe and sensor for wireless data loggers; smart plug accessories

DS18B20 Temperature Probe

Stainless steel temperature probe for use in a variety of environments

Flat cable is perfect for refrigerators and freezers including vaccine refrigerators

DS18B20 flat temperature probe is one of many Temperature data logger accessories ideally suited for use in vaccine refrigerators and freezers. Vaccine thermometer data logger