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Ubibot wifi smart motion sensor

UbiBot MS1 Wifi Smart Motion Sensor

Highly sensitive wifi smart motion sensor with IoT cloud connection

IFTTT Compatible

UbiBot MS1 Wifi Smart Motion Sensor

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The MS1 wifi motion sensor has Wifi and RJ45 Ethernet cable connections*. The motion sensor accurately detects the slightest movement of people or animals and has a large field of view. You can view and download the trigger log is recorded on UbiBot’s IoT cloud platform.

*Model dependant

Wifi Smart Motion Sensor with Optional

POE Network Deployment, Data Transmission Stability

Ubibot MS1 wireless motion sensor can monitor the slight movement of people and record the information in the cloud-base app; wifi smart motion sensor

The MS1 motion sensor has Wifi and RJ45 Ethernet cable connections. When installed in a place with a large field of view, the motion sensor can accurately detect the slight movement of people or animals. The trigger log is recorded on UbiBot®’s IoT cloud platform, which you can download anytime, anywhere.

network and power connections for the MS1 wifi smart motion sensor is shown

Connect to the cloud-based IoT platform

The UbiBot® WS1 has a large integrated memory and collects and stores data even if the connection to the WLAN fails. Ubibot’s IoT platform will inform you of any connection interuption.

the ms1 motion sensor detects motion, connects to the cloud-based app and communicates the information to your device

Wifi Smart Motion Sensor Specifications

Dimensions of the MS1 wifi smart motion sensor

Different combinations, build your smart life

The UbiBot® Motion Sensor MS1 connects to the IoT cloud platform via WiFi or POE Ethernet cable and notifies you of an emergency, which will be sent to your mobile phone. In combination with UbiBot® Smart Plug SP1 it is very easy to turn on the light or set off an alarm when someone is detected. Different arrangements can create different user scenarios.


Connect the MS1 in your office to the lighting system using the Smart Plug SP1 and control the lighting as required.

A modern office with a boardroom and chairs
Woman with a laptop computer in an office


The MS1 smart sensor will send an alert to you through the IoT cloud platform if someone breaks into your house or office.


The MS1 smart plug can help optimize your facilities by monitoring room occupancy.

elegant room in a house with hardwood floors and 2 windows