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industrial and commercial grade temperature probe for temperatures between negative 200 and positive 200 degrees celsius; pt100 temperature probe

PT100 Temperature Probe

Unlocking Precision:A Comprehensive Guide to UbiBot’s PT100 Temperature Probes and Their Diverse Applications Precision and reliability are paramount in industries where temperature control is critical. UbiBot’s PT100 temperature probe has

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air quality monitor beside a cell phone

Smart Air Quality Monitor

Understanding Air Quality with UbiBot’s Air Quality Monitor Air quality sensors, also known as smart air quality monitors, like UbiBot’s AQS1 are versatile tools with a wide range of applications.

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A ws1-pro wireless data logger is shown in a greenhouse; wifi data logger, temperature data logger, wifi smart plug

Greenhouse Data Loggers and Wifi Smart Plugs

Maximizing Greenhouse Efficiency with Greenhouse Data Loggers, Temperature Probes, Smart Plugs, and UbiBot’s IoT Platform Greenhouses are invaluable tools for modern agriculture, enabling year-round cultivation and protection of plants from

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Smart leak detection sensor with integrated alarm

Water Leak Detectors

Comprehensive Guide to the Need and Benefits of Smart Water Leak Detectors and the UbiBot IoT Platform Water can swiftly become a destructive force when it overflows its intended boundaries.

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Vaccine Thermometer Data Loggers

The Vital Role of Vaccine Thermometer Data Loggers and IoT Cloud Databases: Ensuring Vaccine Temperature Integrity In the world of healthcare and public health, vaccines are indispensable tools for preventing

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