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Smart Sensors

ubibot wifi data logger wireless smart sensor is compact and perfect for many applications; data loggers & smart sensors

UbiBot WS1-A

Wireless Smart Sensors

The WS1-A wireless smart sensors are WiFi – Bluetooth capable and continuously monitors temperature, humidity and more.

With the WS1 you can monitor the environmental conditions in your house, office, warehouse or your factory.

The Ws1-Pro wifi and cellular wireless smart sensors have a large LCD screen to show temperature and humidity levels; data loggers & smart sensors; Prevent frozen water pipes

UbiBot WS1 Pro Series

Wireless Smart Sensors

With UbiBot Smart Home skill, now you can interact with your UbiBot devices by voice, you can setup routines to use readings from UbiBot temperature sensors as conditions to perform series of actions, such as turning on/off the heating and air conditioning.


GS1 Wifi, SIM, Cellular wireless data logger is a great solution to monitor temperature, humidity, and wind speed. The GS1 environmental data logger can be used in weather stations, greenhouses, cold storage, refrigerated transportation, server rooms and other applications; data loggers & smart sensors

UbiBot GS1 Series

Wireless Smart Sensors

The GS1 Series industrial grade data logger is WiFi or ethernet compatible. Powered by an internal lithium battery or external DC power supply.

Connect up to five external probes to accurately monitor conditions in your warehouse, greenhouse, barnyard or server room.

GS2 PH EC meter can monitor and record EC, PH and temperature in hydroponics applications.

UbiBot GS2 Series

Wireless Smart Sensors

The UbiBot® GS2 provides accurate EC / PH measurements with attached long-life external probes.

For example, it monitors PH and EC in hydroponic culture solutions, as well as temperature and light, continuously and in real time.

Ubibot wifi smart motion sensor

UbiBot MS1 Series

Smart Motion Sensosr

The MS1 motion sensor supports wifi and RJ45 Ethernet cable connections. The motion sensor can accurately detect the slight movement of people or animals.

The trigger log is recorded on UbiBot®’s IoT cloud platform, which you can download anytime, anywhere.


A ubibot wifi wireless smart plug is compatible with many different type of probes and sensors

UbiBot SP1

Smart Plug

 The SP1 smart plug can make ordinary appliances connected to the Internet of Things and become intelligent.

The SP1 smart plug can be connected to UbiBot® IoT Platform. The working status, timing and linkage of other connected devices can be set on the platform to achieve intelligence.

Ubibot wireless leak detection sensor has a large lcd screen

Leak Detection

UbiBot LD1 supports double-sided leak detection, 24/7 detection of conductive liquid leaks, sensitive and accurate sensing, and immediate alarm when leakage happens.

 When the UbiBot LD1 detects the liquid leakage, it will trigger an audible and visual alarm immediately and display the location of the leakage on the LCD screen in real time.

 (*LD1 can output 12V to activate the relay when the alert is triggered.)

Wi-Fi, Cellular and Ethernet Connections for Easy Global Access*

UbiBot IoT data loggers are state-of-the-art environmental monitoring sensors that use the latest IoT technologies. The data from the measuring sensors are recorded and saved in real time. The device saves the data in the IoT cloud via WLAN or SIM, thus allowing worldwide access. All your data is automatically synchronized with the UbiBot IoT platform and you can easily access your device via our app or a browser.

WS1-Pro iot data logger shown with sensor inputs, interaction with the Ubibot app and outputs to a cell phone, tablet and desktop

*Depends on specific models purchased. WS1-Pro pictured for reference.