Greenhouse Data Loggers and Wifi Smart Plugs

Maximizing Greenhouse Efficiency with
Greenhouse Data Loggers, Temperature Probes,
Smart Plugs, and UbiBot’s IoT Platform

Greenhouses are invaluable tools for modern agriculture, enabling year-round cultivation and protection of plants from harsh environmental conditions. However, to unlock their full potential, greenhouse managers need precise control over various environmental parameters. Enter UbiBot, a comprehensive solution that combines Greenhouse data loggers – also known as wireless data loggers, wifi data loggers, or temperature data loggers – external temperature probes, wifi smart plugs, and an IoT platform to revolutionize greenhouse management.

In this blog post, we will explore the numerous benefits of integrating data loggers and UbiBot technology into your greenhouse operations.

UbiBot Greenhouse Data Loggers: The Heart of Greenhouse Monitoring

Greenhouse data loggers are at the core of greenhouse monitoring. These compact devices are equipped with a wide array of sensors, including temperature, humidity, light, CO2 levels, and more. Here’s why wireless data loggers are indispensable in greenhouse management:

1. Precise Environmental Monitoring: Greenhouse data loggers provide real-time, accurate data on temperature, humidity, light intensity, CO2 levels, and other vital parameters. This information is crucial for maintaining the ideal climate conditions necessary for plant growth.

2. Data Logging: Wireless data loggers continuously record environmental data with customizable intervals, allowing greenhouse managers to track trends, identify fluctuations, and make data-driven decisions. Historical data is accessible at your fingertips, aiding in optimizing greenhouse conditions.

3. Versatility: Greenhouse data loggers come in a range of models to suit different greenhouse setups, from small-scale operations to large commercial facilities. Some models may lack the waterproofness needed for a greenhouse. These wifi data loggers can be placed inside of a water-resistant case for extra protection.

A UbiBot WS1-Pro wireless data logger is an ideal wireless data logger for a greenhouse. The WS1-Pro is shown below in a water-resistant case with an external temperature probe

4. Wireless Connectivity: Greenhouse data loggers come with Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity options, ensuring that data is accessible remotely, even from the most remote greenhouse locations.

5. Alerts and Notifications: Set up customized alerts to be instantly notified when temperature or humidity levels deviate from your desired ranges. This proactive approach will maximize your yields and possibly prevent potential crop damage.

6. Multifunctional Sensors: Greenhouse data loggers often come equipped with multiple sensors, making them versatile tools for greenhouse monitoring. For example, sensors for light intensity can help you ensure your plants receive the right amount of light for optimal growth.

7. Battery Life: Greenhouse Data loggers are designed for extended battery life, reducing the need for frequent battery changes or recharging, which can be especially useful in larger greenhouse operations. Furthermore, all UbiBot data loggers can be powered externally including USB power, 12v power supply or with RJ45 Ethernet to guarantee uninterrupted

8. User-Friendly Interface: UbiBot data loggers are known for their intuitive user interface, making it easy for greenhouse staff to set up, configure, and monitor data remotely.

9. Cloud Storage: The data collected by UbiBot data loggers is securely stored in the cloud, ensuring that your valuable information is safe and accessible whenever you need it.

External Temperature Probes: Fine-Tuning Temperature Control

While many greenhouse data loggers are excellent all-in-one devices, sometimes you need temperature monitoring in specific locations within the greenhouse. External temperature probes complement data loggers in several ways:

1. Precision: External temperature probes provide even more accurate readings by placing the sensor precisely where you need it. Monitor temperature variations at the canopy level, near heaters, or cooling systems.

2. Customization: Tailor your greenhouse monitoring by strategically placing external temperature probes where temperature control is crucial. This flexibility ensures that your plants receive the care they need.

3. Data Synchronization: UbiBot’s IoT platform system seamlessly integrates external temperature probes, allowing you to view all data in one central platform. This simplifies data management and analysis.

4. Reduced Energy Costs: By strategically placing temperature probes, you can optimize heating and cooling systems, potentially reducing energy consumption and operational costs.

5. Humidity Control: Some external probes also measure humidity levels, which is essential for preventing mold and creating an ideal growing environment for your plants.

6. Remote Sensing: With external probes, you can extend your monitoring capabilities to areas that may be harder to reach or access within the greenhouse, ensuring uniform conditions throughout.

7. Microclimate Monitoring: Greenhouses can have microclimates with varying temperature patterns. External temperature probes help you monitor these microclimates accurately.

A UbiBot DS18B20 temperature probe, shown below, is an ideal accessory for a wireless data logger in a greenhouse.

A UbiBot TH30S-B combination temperature and humidity probe, shown below, measures humidity as well as temperature.

A smart plug, also known wifi smart plugs, smart outlet or smart socket, is a device that can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet (wall socket) to make it “smart.” A smart plug enables you to control and automate the power supply to connected devices and appliances remotely using a smartphone, tablet, voice command, or a web application.

Smart plugs can improve the efficiency of your greenhouse by automating and controlling heating and cooling, ventilation, and irrigation systems.

1. Temperature Control: Use smart plugs to regulate heaters and fans based on temperature data from UbiBot data loggers and external temperature probes. Ensure plants are always within the optimal temperature range.

2. Lighting Schedules: Connect grow lights to smart plugs and program lighting schedules to match the specific needs of your plants during different growth stages. This enhances photosynthesis and encourages healthy growth.

3. Irrigation Management: Smart plugs can control irrigation pumps, helping you schedule watering cycles and maintain proper soil moisture levels. This is especially crucial for different plant species with varying water requirements.

4. Ventilation: Smart plugs can be used to manage ventilation systems, ensuring proper air circulation and humidity control. This is essential for preventing mold and maintaining a healthy greenhouse environment.

5. Remote Access: Gain full control over connected devices remotely. Whether you’re on-site or miles away, the UbiBot IoT platform enables you to make adjustments with ease through your smartphone or computer.

6. Energy Efficiency: Monitor the energy consumption of your greenhouse devices and make informed decisions to reduce energy waste. This not only benefits your budget but also contributes to environmental sustainability.

7. Safety and Redundancy: Smart plugs can be configured to turn off specific devices in case of emergency or abnormal conditions, helping to prevent accidents and equipment damage.

A UbiBot SP1 wifi smart plug with several external sensors

The true power of UbiBot lies in its IoT platform, which acts as the central hub for all your greenhouse data loggers and data. Here’s why the UbiBot IoT platform is a game-changer:

1. Real-Time Monitoring: Access real-time data from your UbiBot greenhouse data loggers, external temperature probes, smart plugs, and other connected devices in one unified dashboard. Track temperature, humidity, light levels, CO2 concentrations, and more from anywhere.

2. Historical Data Analysis: Delve into historical data to identify trends and patterns. This information is invaluable for making informed decisions, adjusting your greenhouse strategy, and achieving consistent crop yields.

3. Customizable Alerts: Receive instant alerts via email or notifications when conditions in your greenhouse deviate from preset ranges. Be informed of issues promptly and take corrective actions to protect your plants.

4. Multi-User Access: Collaborate seamlessly with your team by granting multiple users access to the platform. Share data and insights, ensuring everyone is on the same page when it comes to greenhouse management.

5. Scalability: UbiBot’s IoT platform is designed to scale with your greenhouse operation. Whether you have a small greenhouse or a large commercial facility, the platform can adapt to your needs.

6. Cloud Storage: UbiBot securely stores your data in the cloud, eliminating the risk of data loss. Your valuable information is safe and accessible whenever you need it.

7. Integration: UbiBot’s platform is often compatible with other smart agriculture systems, allowing for seamless integration with your existing tools and technologies. This can streamline your greenhouse operations even further.

8.Data Export and Analysis Tools: The UbiBot IoT platform provides tools for exporting and analyzing data, enabling you to perform in-depth analysis, generate reports, and make data-driven decisions for optimal greenhouse management.

A UbiBot SP1 wifi smart plug communicates with the UbiBot IoT platform with a SIM or wifi connection. You can set alters in the platform and receive these alerts on your phone, tablet or computer.


In the world of greenhouse management, precision and efficiency are paramount. UbiBot’s suite of greenhouse data loggers, external temperature probes, smart plugs, and the IoT platform offers a holistic solution that empowers growers to maximize plant health, optimize resource usage, and achieve consistent yields.

By leveraging the power of UbiBot, you can create an environment where plants thrive, energy is conserved, and greenhouse management is simplified. The future of greenhouse cultivation is greener and smarter, thanks to UbiBot’s innovative technology.

Unlock the full potential of your greenhouse with UbiBot — where data-driven decisions lead to flourishing crops and sustainable agriculture.

With these additional sections, the blog post should now meet the 1500 to 2000-word requirement while providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of UbiBot technology in greenhouse management.

How can UbiBot Canada Help Your Greenhouse?

UbiBot Canada offers many greenhouse data loggers capable of measuring temperature and humidity in your greenhouse. All the models listed below have on-board temperature and humidity sensors and are compatible with wifi.

  • GS1 environmental data logger: UbiBot’s flagship product is a powerful device which meets all your needs. It accepts the widest variety of probes and sensors and comes in wifi, 4G and ethernet compatible models. This is the device to buy if you want a remote weather station or the security and stability of an ethernet connection.

UbiBot’s wifi smart plug is the best wifi smart plug for automating your greenhouse operations. You can connect several probes and sensors to this smart plug and then control the associated systems by setting thresholds in UbiBot IoT platform. For example:

UbiBot wireless data loggers and wifi smart plugs bring numerous benefits to your greenhouse. The benefits of these versatile devices increase with the addition of external probes and sensors. Furthermore, the UbiBot IoT platform allows you to access and control all your smart devices, set alerts and monitor your greenhouse conditions in real-time.

Contact us today to find the perfect wireless data logger for your greenhouse.

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