PT100 Temperature Probe

Unlocking Precision:
A Comprehensive Guide to UbiBot's PT100 Temperature Probes and Their Diverse Applications

Precision and reliability are paramount in industries where temperature control is critical. UbiBot’s PT100 temperature probe has carved a niche for itself in various applications, thanks to its design, accuracy, and stability. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of PT100 sensors, exploring their design, applications, and specifications.

Unveiling UbiBot's PT100 Temperature Probe

Design Excellence: At the heart of UbiBot’s PT100 temperature probe lies a specially treated platinum wire. This meticulously designed wire forms the inner surface of the probe. This design choice isn’t arbitrary; it ensures a swift and accurate reflection of the actual measured temperature. The use of platinum, known for its stability and linear resistance-temperature relationship, contributes to the probe’s precision.

Robust Construction: To withstand the rigors of challenging environments, a fiberglass shield envelops the probe’s lead wire. This shield extends the probe’s capabilities, allowing it to endure temperatures of up to +200 degrees Celsius. The robust construction of the PT100 sensor ensures longevity and reliability even in harsh industrial conditions.

German Precision: UbiBot’s PT100 thermal sensor distinguishes itself by incorporating a chip imported from Germany. Renowned for its high stability, this chip plays a pivotal role in enhancing the probe’s accuracy and anti-interference capabilities. German engineering brings an assurance of quality, making UbiBot’s PT100 probe a trusted choice in precision temperature sensing applications.

Three-Wire Connection: The PT100 probe adopts a 3-wire connection mode, a feature integral to its accuracy and anti-interference abilities. This connection mode minimizes errors in temperature readings and ensures reliable performance in the face of potential electrical interference.

industrial and commercial grade temperature probe for temperatures between negative 200 and positive 200 degrees celsius; pt100 temperature probe, PT100 RTD Sensor

UbiBot's PT100 3 wire sensor features a German-designed chip for accuracy and stability

PT100 Thermal Sensor Applications

Industrial Processes: In industrial processes, UbiBot’s PT100 temperature sensor plays a pivotal role in maintaining optimal operating conditions. Whether in manufacturing plants or chemical production facilities, precise temperature control is essential for ensuring the efficiency and quality. The PT100 3 wire sensor’s accuracy and stability make it a reliable tool for monitoring and regulating temperatures. This prevents deviations that could impact production outcomes.

Laboratory and Scientific Research: In laboratories and scientific research settings, where precision is paramount, the PT100 temperature probe excels. Scientific experiments often require controlled environments with accurate temperature monitoring. The PT100 sensor’s reliability ensures that researchers can trust the temperature data collected. This contributes to the validity and reproducibility of experiments.

Medical Equipment: The medical field relies on precise temperature control for various applications, such as in incubators and sterilization devices. UbiBot’s PT100 probes ensure that medical equipment operates within specific temperature ranges critical for the well-being of patients and the effectiveness of medical procedures. The stability and accuracy of PT100 thermal probes make them indispensable in maintaining the required conditions in healthcare settings.

Water Treatment Plants: Water treatment processes require precise temperature monitoring to optimize chemical reactions and ensure water quality. PT100 thermal sensors are employed in water treatment plants to measure and control temperatures throughout the treatment process. This contributes to the effectiveness of water treatment and the production of safe drinking water.

A person wearing blue gloves handles samples in a laboratory. The PT100 temperature probe is well suited to lab applications
several Water treatment ponds with trees in the distance; a GS2 PH EC meter is perfect to monitor this facility. The PT100 temperature probe is well suited to water treatment applications


Environmental Monitoring: Environmental monitoring systems leverage PT100 temperature probes to track temperature variations in diverse settings. Whether in outdoor environmental monitoring stations or indoor facilities, these probes contribute valuable data for understanding climate trends and ensuring environmental sustainability. PT100 3 wire sensor’s are instrumental in climate research, helping scientists analyze temperature changes and their impact on ecosystems.

Aerospace Industry: In the aerospace industry, where components are exposed to extreme conditions, precise temperature monitoring is essential. UbiBot’s PT100 temperature probe ensures that critical components operate within specified temperature ranges, preventing overheating or underperformance. From aircraft engines to space exploration technologies, the PT100’s reliability contributes to the safety and efficiency of aerospace systems.

Energy Generation: Power plants and energy generation facilities require accurate temperature monitoring to optimize efficiency and ensure the safety of equipment. The PT100 thermal sensor’s wide temperature range and high accuracy make it well-suited for power generation. Tis includes monitoring the temperature of steam, coolant, or other critical components in power generation processes. By integrating PT100 probes, energy facilities enhance their ability to maintain optimal operating conditions.

Oil and Gas Industry: The oil and gas industry, characterized by harsh and challenging environments, relies on robust temperature monitoring solutions. PT100 probes are deployed in processing plants and pipelines to ensure that temperatures are within safe limits. These probes contribute to preventing equipment failures and optimizing processes in the extraction, refining, and transportation of oil and gas.


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Pharmaceutical manufacturing processes demand strict adherence to temperature control to maintain the efficacy and safety of products. UbiBot’s PT100 probes are integral in monitoring and regulating temperature-sensitive stages of pharmaceutical production. From ensuring proper storage conditions to contributing to precise manufacturing processes, PT100 probes uphold stringent quality standards.

Food and Beverage Industry: The food and beverage industry relies on PT100 temperature probes for temperature monitoring at various stages of production. From ensuring optimal conditions during ingredient storage to precise temperature control in cooking and processing, PT100 temperature probes contribute to maintaining product quality and safety. The probes are essential in adhering to food safety regulations and preventing spoilage.

Incubators and Biotechnology: Biotechnological applications, including incubators and bioreactors, demand precise temperature control to foster optimal conditions for biological processes. UbiBot’s PT100 probes can ensure that temperatures remain within specified ranges, critical for cell cultures, fermentation, and other biotechnological processes. The stability and accuracy of PT100 probes support the success of biotechnological research and production.

PT100 RTD Sensor


Cold Chain Management: The transportation and storage of temperature-sensitive goods, known as the cold chain, rely on UbiBot’s PT100 probes to ensure that products such as pharmaceuticals and perishable foods remain within required temperature ranges. Monitoring temperature throughout the cold chain is crucial for preserving the quality and safety of these goods, and PT100 sensors contribute to this by providing accurate and real-time temperature data.

HVAC Systems: Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems rely heavily on accurate temperature measurements to provide comfortable and controlled indoor environments. UbiBot’s PT100 thermal sensor’s stability and responsiveness make it an ideal choice for HVAC applications. By integrating PT100 probes, HVAC systems can achieve precision in temperature control, contributing to energy savings and improved occupant comfort.

Research and Development: In research and development settings across diverse industries, UbiBot’s PT100 probes serve as indispensable tools for temperature monitoring. From materials science to electronics research, accurate temperature data is crucial for understanding the behavior of substances and optimizing experimental conditions. PT100 thermal sensors contribute to the reliability of temperature measurements in research and development endeavors, supporting innovation and scientific discovery.

PT100 Industrial Temperature Sensor Specifications

Monitoring Range: UbiBot’s PT100 temperature probe boasts a monitoring range from -200℃ to 400℃, showcasing its versatility for a wide array of applications. This extensive range allows the sensor to adapt to diverse industrial settings with varying temperature requirements.

Accuracy: The PT100 thermal sensor offers a high level of accuracy, with a specification of ±(2% + 1 °C). This level of precision ensures that temperature readings are reliable and trustworthy, meeting the stringent requirements of applications where accurate temperature control is critical.

Probe Size: With a length of 20cm, UbiBot’s PT100 probe strikes a balance between compactness and functionality. The dimensions of the probe make it versatile for installations in various industrial equipment and processes.

Cable Length: With a generous cable length of 3m, the PT100 3 wire sensor provides flexibility in positioning. This ample cable length allows for versatile installations, accommodating the spatial requirements of different industrial settings.

Dimensions of the PT100 temperature probe cable and probe. PT100 RTD Sensor

Connector: Equipped with a micro USB or an audio connection, UbiBot’s PT100 sensor supports versatile connectivity options. These connections facilitate easy integration into UbiBot WS1-Pro and GS1 data loggers and SP1 smart plugs. This adaptability in connectivity enhances the sensor’s usability in diverse industrial applications.

Communications Protocol: UbiBot’s PT100 thermal sensor utilizes the ModBus RTU communications protocol, a widely used standard in industrial applications. This protocol ensures seamless communication and data exchange with compatible devices, facilitating integration into industrial control systems.

IP Rating: The probe itself boasts an IP rating of IP68, signifying a high level of protection against dust and water ingress. This robust IP rating ensures the longevity and reliability of the probe in demanding environments, where exposure to environmental elements is a constant challenge.

P100 Thermal Sensor Compatible Devices

UbiBot’s PT100 thermal sensor is compatible with a range of devices designed for diverse applications, enhancing its usability across various industries:

WS1 Pro Wifi and SIM Data Logger (USB Connection):

With the convenience of wifi or SIM connectivity, the WS1-Pro Data Logger offers a convenient wireless solution for temperature monitoring. This device is particularly useful where the installation of wired data loggers may be impractical, providing flexibility in data collection.

GS1 Series Environmental Data Logger (Audio Connection):

Tailored for environmental monitoring in harsh environments, remote locations and commercial applications, the GS1 series ensures precise data collection in any setting. Featuring, Wifi, SIM, ethernet and GPS connections (model dependant) this data logger is well-suited for many applications.

SP1 Wifi Smart Plug with Remote (Audio Connection):

The SP1 Wifi Smart Plug with an audio connection provides a user-friendly solution for automated temperature control,. This smart plug allows users to remotely monitor and adjust temperature settings, making it suitable for applications where real-time temperature control is necessary.

The pt100 temperature probe is shown connected to a ws1-pro data logger. PT100 RTD Sensor


UbiBot’s PT100 temperature sensor stands as a testament to precision and reliability. From its specially treated platinum wire to the German-engineered chip, every aspect of the PT100 sensor is designed to ensure accurate and stable temperature measurements. With a diverse range of applications spanning industries, UbiBot’s PT100 thermal sensor has become a cornerstone in temperature monitoring technology.

As industries continue to evolve and demand increasingly sophisticated temperature control solutions, UbiBot’s PT100 remains at the forefront, providing the accuracy, stability, and adaptability necessary for critical processes. Whether in industrial manufacturing, scientific research, healthcare, or environmental monitoring, UbiBot’s PT100 temperature probe continues to prove its worth as an indispensable tool for achieving and maintaining optimal temperature conditions. As technology advances, UbiBot’s PT100 3 wire sensor is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of temperature sensing and control across a multitude of industries.

How Can UbiBot Canada Help?

UbiBot Canada stocks the USB and audio versions of the PT100 temperature sensor for your convenience. Additionally, we carry the WS1-Pro and GS1 data loggers, and SP1 smart plugs which are compatible with the PT100 probe.

UbiBot Canada also has other temperature probes available including the DS18B20 temperature probe which is available in 3m, 5m and 10 lengths. The DS18B20 probe is ideal for applications where the durability and large temperature range of a PT100 is not needed.

Also, the TH30S-B combination and temperature and humidity probe is perfect for applications where temperature and humidity need to be measured. Both of these probes are compatible with the WS1-Pro and GS1 data loggers, and the SP1 smart plug. The WS1-A wifi data logger is compatible with the DS18B20 temperature probe only.

All UbiBot smart devices are compatible with the UbiBot cloud app. You can access this app on your phone, computer or tablet and set custom alerts for when monitored environmental conditions exceed your established thresholds.

Contact us today to learn more about how UbiBot data loggers and smart devices can help your business or home.

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