UbiBot® GS2 water
quality data logger

All-in-one IoT sensor for environmental data

Clear LCD display

Ubibot® GS2 has a 4 “display that clearly shows all measured values. At the top of the screen is the status bar. The status of the battery, network connection and data upload is displayed. The backlight can be illuminated at night for easier operation.

WiFi and SIM connection for easy access worldwide

Wireless access is achieved by connecting the Ubibot® GS2 device to WiFi or mobile data. When connected to a network, it contacts our UbiBot platform and uploads all data automatically. Thus, users can view the data from mobile devices such as mobile phones, computers, etc.

Professional design and high quality finish

UbiBot GS2 is created for professional environments. Hard material is used for harsh conditions.
Well-designed shape, ultra narrow bezel, make it an aesthetic art.

*Depends on specific models purchased.

**Standby time: 8-12 months (wifi version), 3-6 weeks (WiFi and SIM version). The offer data is tested under stable network connection and with standard measurement and update rate.

*** Supports Micro-SIM card (15mm*12mm*0.8mm)

Compare UbiBot® smart sensor devices

UbiBot® currently has four versions of the intelligent data loggers for temperature and humidity monitoring. All are based on the same underlying IoT technology and are equipped with Swiss designed sensors. Each device type is characterized by specific functions that are specially tailored to the different requirements of the user.

UbiBot® Network Built-in Sensors Battery life① Screen Audio Notification External sensors


Bluetooth ,WiFi Temperature, humidity, ambient light, vibration 2 x AA batteries last up to 4-6 months No (status LED) Beeps DS18B20 temperature sensor

WS1 Pro

WiFi cellular * Temperature, humidity, ambient light (further sensors via external ports) 4 x AA batteries 8-12 months (only WLAN) 3-6 weeks (via cellular network) 4.4 "LCD (104 mm x 50 mm) Voice guidance DS18B20 temperature sensor / PT100-USB / TH30S-B-temperature and humidity / Soil Probe-USB Soil temperature and humidity / wind speed sensor USB


WLAN cellular network * RJ45 LAN Temperature, humidity, ambient light * 2900 mAh lithium battery 4-6 months (WLAN only) 3-6 weeks (via cellular network) 3-5 days (LAN version) 4.4 "LCD with backlight (77mm x 67.5mm) Voice guidance DS18B20 temperature sensor * / PT100 audio * / TH30S-B temperature and humidity * / Soil probe audio Soil temperature and humidity * / Wind speed sensor audio * / ambient light * / CO2 sensor *


WLAN cellular network * Ambient light * 2900 mAh lithium battery 4-6 months (only WLAN) 3-6 weeks (via cellular network) 4.4 "LCD with backlight (77mm x 67.5mm) Voice guidance DS18B20 temperature sensor * / EC / pH

* Depending on the model purchased. ① The specified battery life has been tested with VARTA industrial batteries under stable signal conditions with standard settings for synchronization and scanning.

Widely used in liquid test

Use the Ubibot® GS2 and its conductivity and pH value probes in environments such as hydroponic farms, aquariums, sewage basins, laboratories, and much more. a. You can easily view the real-time data in your cloud dashboard. Download the daily or monthly report for regular analysis. It makes unattended monitoring a lot easier and more accurate.

Sewage Pool


Food Processing

Environment Water