UbiBot® WS1-A

The WS1-A is WiFi – Bluetooth capable and continuously monitors temperature, humidity and more. With the WS1 you monitor the environmental conditions in your house, office, warehouse or your production.

UbiBot® WS1 Pro

With UbiBot Smart Home skill, now you can interact with your UbiBot devices by voice, you can setup routines to use readings from UbiBot temperature sensors as conditions to perform series of actions, such as turning on/off the heating and air conditioning.


UbiBot GS1 Series

The GS1 Series industrial grade data logger is WiFi or ethernet compatible. Powered by an internal lithium battery or external DC power supply. Connect up to five external probes to accurately monitor conditions in your warehouse, greenhouse, barnyard or server room.

UbiBot® GS2 Series

The UbiBot® GS2 provides accurate conductivity / pH measurements with attached long-life external probes. For example, it monitors pH and conductivity in hydroponic culture solutions, as well as temperature and light, continuously and in real time.


UbiBot® MS1 Series

The MS1 motion sensor supports WLAN and RJ45 Ethernet cable connections. The motion sensor can accurately detect the slight movement of people or animals. The trigger log is recorded on UbiBot®’s IoT cloud platform, which you can download anytime, anywhere.