UbiBot® GS1 environmental data logger

Environmental monitoring in robust industrial quality

IFTTT Compatible

WLAN, LAN and mobile phone connection for a trouble-free connection*

In order to offer a stable network connection and to ensure constant data synchronization, the GS1 data logger is available in different versions with an RJ45 LAN interface, WLAN or mobile radio*. For environments without a WLAN network, the Ethernet cable offers you another option for guaranteeing secure data transmission.

*Depends on specific models purchased.

Tailored solutions, fits in business customers

The UbiBot® WS1 can connect to the network via WLAN. It automatically synchronizes its data with the UbiBot® IoT platform. This gives you secure access to your monitoring data from anywhere in the world via the website or the Ubibot® app.

External antenna

Type-C / 2A

2900mAh lithium battery

Waterproof and dustproof available

Wireless Access

Multi-modes alerts

Bright backlight for night view

Highly accurate Probes

Supports various probes

Cloud storage

Extensive use, more than you can imagine

The UbiBot® WS1 has a large integrated memory and collects and stores data even if the connection to the WLAN fails. In the event that the connection is interrupted, you will receive a notification from the Ubibot® cloud server.

Location Tracking feature is available on GS1-PL4G1RS now!

With the GS1-PL4G1RS (coming soon) you are able to monitor moving refrigerated vehicles not only in terms of temperature control, but also their physical location. Wherever you go, the route can be recorded and sent to the platform via the mobile data network.

Lithium battery powered, longer standby time

n order to offer business customers a more appropriate solution, we use a 2900 mAh lithium-ion battery for the GS1 system. In combination with the energy-saving technology, the device has a longer standby time for constant monitoring. It can be charged quickly and quickly using a type C USB cable with 2A input. The rechargeable battery is also more environmentally friendly. Optionally, a solar panel with a power of 6W is available for the GS1 and thus enables completely grid-independent operation.

Compare the four models

To meet the different needs of different uses, the GS1 comes in different versions: WiFi only, WiFi and SIM card, WiFi and RJ45 cable. Each of them is unique but also offers the same high performance.

ModelTransmission modeBattery life *Internal Temperature & Humidity sensorInternal light sensorSupports external probes *Waterproof and dustproofGNSS
GS1-AWiFi4-6 months (WiFi only)//IP65/



WiFi / 4G4-6 months (WiFi only)
3-6 weeks (synchronization via SIM)



WiFi / RJ45 Ethernet cable3-5 days//



WiFi / 4G1-2 weeks (GNSS)IP65

* Depending on the model purchased. ① The specified battery life has been tested with VARTA industrial batteries under stable signal conditions with standard settings for synchronization and scanning.


*The quoted battery life was tested using VARTA industrial batteries under stable signal conditions with default synchronisation and sampling settings.

Widely used in liquid test

With its wireless monitoring, clear LCD display, industrial quality sensors and online data access, the GS1 is designed to provide security in a wide range of environments including central server room, agriculture management, inventory control and industrial production.